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Playing with the budget

May 29th, 2013 at 07:07 am

Still working out the kinks in my budget. I must be a geek because I've been playing with the spreadsheet numbers and playing with the numbers and playing with the numbers. I am thankful that I have numbers to play with, but I'm wondering about my sanity. My first goal is to pay off the credit card. So all my extra money is getting thrown at that. After that, I'd like to save $300 a month. It feels like I was able to do that easily before the whole ex business came up, but now that I'm working with actual budget numbers, I wonder how that ever happened.

I wonder if I'm one of those people that don't do well with a budget because I tend to spend money in all the categories because I budgeted that amount. I budget $50 on clothes, guess I'll go buy some clothes, even if I don't actually "need" the clothes. Otherwise, I wouldn't even think about buying clothes unless I know I need socks.

Anyway, I'm working on the numbers for June already. I know I have a hair appointment and a car appointment, so I have to make sure to budget money for those things. Need to have some money in the gifts category for Dad's day and boyfriend's birthday. So add a little here, subtract a little there.....

This past weekend was a complete NSD weekend. I spent money on Friday, then didn't spend anything until yesterday. I bought beef jerkey cheese sticks for boyfriends lunch--$3. That's all I spent. I returned cans for $1.50 and found a quarter, dime, and a penny. Almost enough "in" money to pay for the cheese sticks!

Today I have work, then class after work. On my way home, I'm going to swing by WalMart to use my $25 gift card from my credit card reward points. I'll use it for boring stuff like groceries for the week. I anticipate having to spend a couple of dollars above the $25 to get everything on my list. This could very well be the last spending for the month. Cross your fingers for me!

2 Responses to “Playing with the budget”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    If you're a geek, then everyone here is a geek. Smile

    I suggest that if you find yourself with unspent money in a budget category, you transfer it to savings. You can have one catch-all savings account, or multiple designated savings accounts. For example, open one, name it "Clothing Fund", and send it the unused $50. Eventually, you will need to replace some clothing, and then you will have the cash to do so. If you find you are accumulating a lot of money for clothing, then trim your clothing budget and send the excess off to debt, or whatever your current goal might be.

    I just love the purple color you have chosen; it is so pretty.

  2. imarunner Says:

    aH, i have to remember to make an expense category for getting my hair done in june. thanks for the reminder.

    i will try some no spend days myself. it's actually cheaper for me to NOT bring my lunch to work. it costs me about 2-3 dollars a day to eat and a variety of food or just veggies. the owner gives me a discount everyday.

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