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Day 16

July 16th, 2012 at 03:18 pm

Spendy day 16. I worked a 1/2 day, then went to the eye doctor and the car dealership for the Bug's 130,000 mile service. While I was waiting for the Bug to get done, I hung out with my bf and we ate lunch and talked.

I brought back cans today--most were found on the side of the road while I biked to the library on Saturday. I found six cents on my walk out to my car after my 1/2 day at work.

My eye appointment was easy and quick--I may even get a rebate back for my contacts!

Then I went to Sams. Last time I went, I renewed my membership and came home that very same day to an offer for a $15 gift card if I renewed my membership. So I brought that with me to see if they would still give me the $15 gift card. They did!! It paid for most of my kitty litter; I only had to spend $1 on the tax! Smile

Then I went to Goodwill to find a new squirter for my doughboy soap holder that sits next to my sink. I broke the squirter, so he's been sitting on the side of my sink without being able to be used. It now works--kinda sorta. It isn't as smooth as I would like, but it was worth 52 cents to try the fix.

Then I went to VW so they could work on the Bug. It's just his 130,000 check-up. They changed the oil and gave him a bath, but didn't find anything more wrong with him. This, like the eye doctor, dentist, and massage are not counted in my $300 because it is maintenance and I'm not putting those off just to stay under $300.

Went to lunch with my bf and talked, talked, talked. Got the call from VW that the Bug was done, so she dropped me off at the dealership. I went grocery shopping, then came home. I still need to get gas, so I'll probably be spending more money tomorrow. It is just too hot here to keep running around. Ug.

Not counted: $39 for car maintenance; $280 in eye check-up and a year's worth of contacts.

Counted: $9 for lunch; $1 Sams; $1 Goodwill; $27 Meijers

Meijer list:
5 gallons water
1 can corn
3 cans cream of potato soup
2 packages of cream cheese (potato/shrimp chowder is in my future)
package of flour tortillas
big container of plain yogurt
container of half and half
2 packages of instant chocolate pudding (need the yogurt, half and half, and pudding for pudding pops)
almond milk
baking soda (used most of mine to do the vinegar/baking soda down the kitchen drain to clean it up and make it smell better)

Day 16 Numbers:

Spend: $38
Left: $132
In: $1.30 in cans; found a nickel and a penny

2 Responses to “Day 16”

  1. librarylady Says:

    Good job! I'm enjoying reading your blog and your progress.

  2. cptacek Says:

    You can make plain yogurt out of milk and more plain yogurt. I think it tastes great, and much cheaper. I do it in the crockpot. So easy!

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