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spending and planning

February 27th, 2013 at 09:14 am

Working on the March budget, trying to make the numbers balance. I'm a geek, so I do love to number crunch, but I'm getting tired of playing with March's numbers. I have a big insurance payment due, so I'm working the numbers over--which always means lowering them somewhat. I have most of the payment already set aside, but just need to do a bit more pinching to finish it up.

I'm also looking at February's numbers, where I went over in a few categories again. Still working out the bugs of my budget. I don't anticipate spending anything the next two days, but since you never know.....

I'm still figuring out my strategy for my extra money. I think I'm going to have a complicated way of allocating where that extra money goes. Some will go here; some will go over there. Nothing straight forward for me!

I spent $5 yesterday on a Birthday card for my Mom. I bought her present and had it shipped directly to her, but I wanted to brighten her day with a card too. I overspent a little, I admit. She's having kind of a hard time and so I wanted to give her something special. She lives far away, so I can't give her a hug in person. And I really want to. So, I'm compensating by buying a fancy card. I will call her on her special day too.

I was surprised at myself that I am using a card as a substitute for a hug or some other kind of emotional support. That a card would have that kind of feeling attached to it. We're normally not big card people. I guess I don't know what else to do.

Slowly getting better

February 25th, 2013 at 02:46 pm

According to a paramedic friend of mine, I definitely had the flu, not a cold. Two days of high temperature, body aches, headache, sudden harsh cough makes it a flu, not a cold. I'm on the mend, but not 100% yet.

It definitely helped the finances to be sick, but it isn't helping the workout schedule! I racked up NSDs like crazy because I didn't have it in me to leave the house or even to shop online. The menu schedule also went out the window because I didn't feel like eating anything. Luckily we had a supply of easy to make food, so no one starved.

I spent some $$ today because I finally made it to the store for bread, milk, and some granola bars. I also had to restock the cough drops and Nyquil. I think I spent about $25 all told. I went slightly over on my grocery budget, but I'm OK with that. I'll post numbers in a few days at the end of the month.

Tonight we're going to enjoy our free papa johns pizza from the superbowl coin toss. I need to do a couple of errands on the way home (library, tractor supply) and then I'm in for the night. No spin class for me for a few days. Frown

Easy NSDs

February 21st, 2013 at 08:30 am

It's easy to have NSDs when you're sick. I have a cold with a fever and have been out of commission since yesterday morning. Major headache, coughing, blah. The only thing I've wanted to do was to lay in bed and try to sleep. This is the first time in two days that I haven't had a headache that made me wish for unconsciousness.

I left work early yesterday and called in today. I am very thankful at times like these for a workplace that gives us sick days. I called in and went right back to bed. I'm up for a little while, but I'm sure I will be back in bed before too long. I'm cold!! I'm wearing thermal underwear and fuzzy jammies and I'm still freezing. I'm thinking a long bath and back to bed for me.

I haven't spent anything since Monday and I'm pretty sure today will be a NSD too.

Extra Money?

February 19th, 2013 at 12:58 pm

One thing I'm not sure about is what to do with the extra money I have each month. I'm not talking about extra money from my salary, but the money that comes from taking surveys, finding money, you know--the money you don't and can't really count on.

My question is how to add it into the budget. Right now, I just have a generic category that includes all extra money. But should I add that extra money to specific categories? I don't get an accurate picture of my budget if I say I spent $250 in groceries, but $20 of that was money I received from returning pop cans (Michigan has a 10 cent per can deposit, so when you return the can, you get 10 cents per can). Or I spent $34 at Amazon for my birthday present (a cookbook and a half sheet pan), but I used gift certificates for them, so I don't want to take that money out of gifts. Or I could add in the Amazon gift certificate amount to gifts, so it would be a wash.

How complicated. But I don't know how else to be accurate. Unfortunately, I can sometimes be talking about $50-$100 per month in extra money. That's quite a bit to be unaccounted for.

How do you handle the "extra" money? Does it just get thrown into savings and you don't worry about it much?

Try, try again

February 18th, 2013 at 02:44 pm

Yesterday after I wrote my entry, I actually got myself on the treadmill and ran the full amount of time I planned on running. Yay for me!

We did go to stick and puck last night, but boyfriend paid for me to play, so no money out there. On the way home, I treated him to Chinese food, so I spent $21 including the tip.

Then, last night, I looked at the recipe I was supposed to make---I needed a jalapeno pepper for the recipe. I didn't have one. Dangnabit. I also was supposed to marinate the chicken for 24 hours. Ok then. Good thing we stopped for Chinese.

So I pulled out the chicken to thaw so I can marinate it starting tonight. This morning, I stopped by the store and bought two jalapenos, one for this week's recipe and one for next week's recipe. Spent 27 cents for the two. That's all I bought at the grocery store--but after having made a big deal of NOT going to the grocery store, I'm a little irritated at myself for not checking the recipe thoroughly before going shopping last Friday. Urg.

I could have done several things. One, the no grocery week now starts on Monday. So, no grocery shopping until next Monday. Do-able. Just re-jiggered my goal.

Two, I could have substituted....something. I didn't like this idea for two reasons. I always like to make a recipe like it says the first time so I know if it is the recipe I don't like (like the Pineapple chicken I made last week), not the ingredients I used. The second reason is that I'm not sure the jalapeno in this recipe is contributing only heat. You're actually taking out the seeds, so it isn't just a "substitute cayenne pepper" kind of thing. I've never made Tikka Masala before and I'm not sure if there is some....greenness....that the jalapeno contributes that is needed. I didn't have any other peppers in the house to substitute for....greenness.

Three, this recipe is the backbone of my menu plan for the week. It's also my new recipe of the week. I didn't want to not make it, but I did think about it for a bit before deciding to go ahead and buy the peppers.

All excuses, I'm aware. Better organization next time. I will try to not go shopping at the grocery store until next Monday. I'm only worried about running out of milk.

This morning on my way into work, I stopped at McDonald's for a caramel mocha ($4). This is a rare treat for me. It's taken me six months to fill up that little McCafe rewards card and I knew if I bought one more, it would fill the card so my next one is FREE! I woke up from a bad dream and couldn't shake the feeling of irritation the dream caused. In addition, I was the primary one answering the phone all day at work, so I really wanted a treat. Right next door is the gas station I usually use, so I also filled up my gas gift card for the month ($100).

Tonight I have spin class and I might try to stop by the library on the way home. I'm not sure if they are open or not because it is President's Day. Then, home to marinate some chicken for my Tikka.

I don't wanna

February 17th, 2013 at 08:14 am

Didn't spend anything yesterday. We went to the boat show, but there was absolutely nothing that tempted me to spend my money. Well, maybe that really cool wooden kayak, but that definitely isn't an impulse purchase.

I rolled up change last night while watching TV and I have $153.50 to deposit. I save my change in a change jar and turn it in twice a year. Usually end of August/beginning of September and end of February/beginning of March. I might try to squeak out $5 in dimes (I'm so close!) before I actually deposit it. When I do turn it in, I'll put it towards savings.

Today I've already spent $34 of my amazon gift cards towards my birthday present for myself. The smitten kitchen cookbook and a 1/2 sheet pan. Our pans are rusty and icky, so I'm buying this to replace that. The smitten kitchen cookbook is a complete non-essential item, but I've checked it out of the library twice and still want to own it. My birthday isn't until the beginning of March, but I want to make sure I have my stuff by my birthday. Happy early birthday to me!

It wasn't going to be a NSD today anyway because I think we're going to stick and puck, which will cost me $5 to do.

I need to go work out and I just don't want to. I have my clothes next to me on the couch and I'm on the computer instead. My next step will be to get dressed, then it will be to go downstairs and get on the treadmill. I will probably tell myself that I will work out for 10 minutes. If I want to stop after 10, I can. Usually I will finish the work out. Sometimes I don't. We'll see what today is.

Maybe another quiet day at home

February 16th, 2013 at 05:53 am

It's the weekend!!! It's the little things that make me happy--like being able to sleep until I wake up (with a little help from the cats). I don't sleep in really late, but just not having to wake up to the alarm is nice. Also, to sit, drink my cup of coffee, and play on the internet without having one eye on the clock because I have to go get ready for work. Ahhh!

I'm going to try to make it a NSD, but I'm not sure if I will be successful. Boyfriend is back from his run and wants to go to the boat show. One of his buddies might go with him, but if the buddy doesn't get in touch, I will be called up. I don't really mind, but if he goes, I will get a chance to clean the house and I won't be tempted to spend any money. We'll see how it all works out. I'm not a huge boating person, so I'm not sure what-all I would find to do at a boat show.

I do need to work out today--in fact I'm sitting in my bike clothes right now. I took the last two days off because I had worked out for 10 days straight and could feel my muscles being tired. Didn't quite mean to take two days off. Back on it today.

Yesterday I spent $25 at the grocery store for the last minute things and $3 at the Post Office to mail out the package to Mom. Didn't go to stick and puck, but I think we're planning on going tomorrow.


February 15th, 2013 at 05:43 am

Since I am hoping to not go to the grocery store for a week, I thought I would post my menu to try to keep me accountable. I will go today for the last few things I need to make it through the week like bread and milk and then I won't go again until next Friday.

Friday--breakfast: work breakfast (homemade instant oatmeal packets with freeze dried fruit that live in my desk drawers); work: work lunch (yogurt, cheese stick, boiled egg, baked chips, apple, clementine, carrots); dinner: leftover chicken thigh, homemade bread, frozen veggie

Saturday--breakfast: bagel thin with laughing cow cheese, clementine; lunch: eggs rolls, salad; dinner: salmon, rice, frozen veggies

Sunday--breakfast: waffles, clementine; lunch: apple sausage, salad; dinner: chicken tikka masala from weight watchers **new recipe for the week**, frozen veggie

Monday--breakfast: shake breakfast; lunch: leftover chicken tikka masala, various fruits and veggies; dinner: frozen meal, frozen veggies (maybe asparagus)

Tuesday: breakfast: work breakfast; lunch: work lunch; dinner: chicken tikka masala, frozen veggie

Wednesday: breakfast: work breakfast; lunch: last of the chicken tikka masala, various fruits and veggies; dinner: eggs rolls, salad

Thursday: breakfast: work breakfast (starting to see a pattern?); lunch: work lunch; dinner: frozen meal, frozen veggies

Friday: breakfast: work breakfast; lunch: work lunch; dinner: Papa Johns Pizza!!! (I guess the coin flip right on their website, so I get a free pizza!)

Saturday: breakfast: bagel thins with cream cheese, fruit; lunch: eggs rolls, salad; dinner: teriyaki salmon, rice, frozen veggie

Sunday: breakfast: waffles, fruit; lunch: egg rolls, salad; dinner: indian spiced chickpeas, rice, frozen veggie **make coffee cake recipe as my new recipe for the week**

Yesterday I finished off the last of the Chinese Pineapple chicken from the new recipe I made on Sunday. I was so glad to see that leftover go. I don't think I will be making it again. Bleech.

Also yesterday, I spent $6 at the gas station for those cheese sticks my boyfriend likes in his lunch and $25 at the big grocery store. Today I will spend money at the post office mailing off something to my Mom, the last of the grocery shopping for a week (gotta have fresh bread!), and probably $5 for playing stick and puck for our date night at the ice rink.

Giving something up

February 14th, 2013 at 08:22 am

I am not Catholic, but I like the idea of giving up something for Lent. It is a chance to test yourself, but also to make you think hard about the choices you make in your life.

Having said that, I am not giving up something like coffee. I probably should, because that would be a true test. What I am giving up? Ice cream or frozen yogurt. No ice cream-like treats for me until Easter. This will be somewhat difficult, because those are my sweet treats that I eat and keep me on track with my weight watchers because they are already portioned out.

Yesterday was a NSD. My 7th for the month. My goal is 12, so 5 more to go! Today I will be taking the bus to the big grocery store and picking up a few things that I can only get there. I'm going on my lunch, so I won't have time to shop unnecessarily. I have my list and my coupons ready to go.

Thursdays are my easy day, where I don't have anything planned for after work. I get to go straight home after work!! Tonight's dinner is chicken thighs, homemade bread, and veggies. I'm so looking forward to being home before 7:30!

Budgeting categories

February 13th, 2013 at 08:34 am

Until last month, I wrote down what I spent, but I didn't actually have a budget written down. Then I tried it last month and was surprised at how much I spent in the various categories. I can see that this is going to be an ongoing tweaking experience.

I think my work income is steady. I've upped my retirement contributions and all of the deductions have been taken out, so I have a good idea how much I get to take home every two weeks.

I will be messing with the budget numbers, but I'm also thinking about the categories. I would like to add an allowance aka "blow money" category. I don't want to track every latte under the out to eat/entertainment category. At the same time, that seems kinda silly because my money budget is just that. MY money budget. I am the only person I am budgeting for, so why do I need an allowance?

The second category is an "exercise/body" category. I am making it a priority to exercise and I think I would like to have a category to track what I spend for that. Examples include the heart rate monitor I bought this month, race entries, exercise-specific clothes, stuff like that. Right now, the heart rate monitor went under personal care. Not exactly what I was thinking when I created that category.

Yesterday was a NSD. I worked until 6, then went to the indoor track and ran for 25 minutes. Went home, made mac & cheese for dinner and watched "Til Debt do us Part." The boyfriend is on a run to New York, so I have the house to myself for a few days.

I'm hoping for another NSD today. Tonight is spin class after work, I plan on eating frozen egg rolls and a salad for dinner, and I hope to read my "Shadow of Night" book. It's a huge book and is due back to the library on the 21st, so I've got to get it in gear to finish it by then.

I was......wrong

February 12th, 2013 at 09:05 am

Yesterday's mail brought me a cashier's check from the ex for his portion of the student loan. I was wrong to question if he would pay me or not. I know money is tight for him and I guess I just thought I would be the low person on the bill paying totem pole. I was.....wrong.

Yay! So now, I get to save some money this month towards my goal. I already deposited his check (along with a survey check) into my bank account. I just might be able to keep on track to save my $5000 this year.

One last note about my student loan debt and I will try to not mention it again. I will never be debt free until this is paid off, but I can't pay it off early. Even if I were to pay my 1/3 of the total cost, it doesn't mean I will be debt free unless he pays his 2/3 at the same time. So I will have this payment for quite a few years. It would be nice to be able to pay it off like I did the credit card I took out of the marriage. Oh well, live and learn.


February 11th, 2013 at 12:46 pm

I get paid on Mondays (of all things!). The money is already accounted for and out-the-door. My federal refund showed up in my account too. It's already going to go towards my yearly car insurance, so no fun there.

Unfortunately, since the ex has been late on the last three months of the joint student loan payment, I have taken that over. Our agreement is that he pays 2/3, I pay 1/3. I had been sending him my 1/3 as a check and then he paid the total payment. Not anymore. Now I am paying the full amount, hoping that he will pay me the 2/3. I'm not counting on it, though. I normally would save a chunk out of this check, but instead I will pay the student loan and if he sends the check, I will put that into savings. I won't go into details about what will happen if he doesn't pay. No one wants to go to court.

My advice to everyone? DON'T CONSOLIDATE YOUR STUDENT LOANS WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Even if things are wonderful now and you are never going to get divorced--just don't do it. They won't untangle you if something should happen. Or if your loved one should pass away, you are responsible for the entire amount. Just. don't. do. it.

I successfully had two NSDs this weekend. This morning I went to the grocery store and spent $21 on food and $4 on the cats. I think if I pick up a very few more things (bread, milk), I can go all next week without shopping. That's my goal.

It's the extras

February 10th, 2013 at 07:46 am

Yesterday was a NSD and I'm hoping for one today too. Weekends are easy to be NSD because I prefer to stay home and as long as I don't get tempted to spend some $$$ online, I'm good.

Today's plans don't involve going anywhere either, so maybe a 2nd NSD is in the cards. I'm going to hopefully clean the house while my boyfriend goes to play hockey tonight. Other than that, I don't have any specific plans.

I am lucky enough to work for a university. While I do like what I do, it is the extras that make me feel lucky to work there. I'm going to list the best three here. First of all, I get to use the gym for free. I also pay $40 per semester to attend various exercise classes. I'm sure it would be much more if I had to go to one of the gyms in the area.

Second, I get to take classes for free. I have to pay for books or any extras (green fees if you take the golf class, for example), but the classes themselves are free. I'm slowly working towards my 2nd Bachelor's degree in Accounting. There is no real pressure because I don't get a raise and my job isn't dependent upon me getting that degree, but I like having a goal. Although, I would not be too disappointed to just take interesting classes for free (History of Manhood class, anyone?).

Third, there are so many interesting programs, lectures, art openings, concerts, etc for FREE. There is more to do on any given night than I could ever actually do. I will never lack for opportunities to do something to expand my mind.

Saturday at home

February 9th, 2013 at 10:13 am

I love days where I don't have to go anywhere.

Today is a day spent catching up at home. I'm doing laundry, planning menus, and watching some basketball and hockey. I already ran on the treadmill (yay! exercise done!), and went out and refilled the bird houses. The snow here is about a foot deep and I don't like filling them in the dark when I get home from work, so they either get done before work (if I have time--HA!) or the weekend.

I planned my menu to use up what I have in the house. I made my grocery list with only those things I actually NEED, and I think that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the month. Maybe I'll make a dent in the overstuffed freezer then. And stay within my budget.

Since we have no plans to go anywhere, I'm hoping for a NSD.

Yesterday I spent $5 to go to stick and puck at the ice arena and worked on my hockey stops. I'm still learning how to ice skate and how to handle the puck. It was very busy last night, so I felt in the way--but as of now they don't have a "beginners only" stick and puck, so I'm out there with the real skaters. Oh well.

I also spent $5 at the grocery store for bread for lunches and pineapple for the meal I'm making on Sunday. I should have leftovers to eat for lunches at work this week.


February 8th, 2013 at 06:57 am

I think I have a problem. Hello, my name is Angel and I'm a food stocker-upper. Oh, and a personal care stocker-upper too.

It is only 8 days into the month and I have spent more than 1/2 of my grocery budget for the month already. I somehow think I can always justify spending money on food because "it is a good deal" or "but I need it for this one recipe" or "ooo, look at this new thingamajig that I can try and it will keep me on track with weight watchers". In addition, food is something you need, it isn't a pair of shoes that you can put off 'til next month.

Yeah. My freezer is stuffed full and my cupboard is stocked up too. I need to do some serious pantry-shopping instead of grocery shopping. I went to Save A Lot to do the rest of the grocery shopping and spent $31. Not bad. Many of my trips are not bad. I don't spend a lot at once, but I go multiple times. Then, as I was checking out, the cashier handed me a coupon for $2 off a $20 order the next time I come in--as long as I come in within a week. Oh! The pressure of using up that coupon! It's like a free bag of flour! How can I resist?

The sad thing is that I still have stuff on my list that Save A Lot didn't have (like poultry seasoning). Most of the things on my list are not really needed for the menu I created for the week, I just happened to run out of them and put them on the list. I have to prioritize and stop buying stuff unnecessarily. At least, that is, if I want this budget thing to work!

Spend, spend, spend

February 7th, 2013 at 08:03 am

Since a big storm is coming today, I decided to do the big Sams/WalMart run last night after spin class. I knew it would make for a long day--but I sure wasn't tempted to go too far off my list because I wanted to get home!

I spent $200 at Sams, but my boyfriend will pay me back $190 because of our financial agreement (he buys most of Sams; I buy the regular groceries).

My spending ended up like this:
Food: $40--$10 at Sams, $30 at WalMart
Household: $15 (cat food, sharpies)
Clothes: $6 (nylons)
Personal: $4 (lotion)
McDs: $7 (dinner out and "reward" for getting shopping done)

I also went to Bath and Body Works because they sent me a coupon for a free travel sized item. I went in, got my free item, and walked out. I just did an order from them, so I didn't need anything. But I was tempted. It sometimes feel cheap to walk in, get my freebie, and walk out. But I do it anyway!!

I spent $30 yesterday on a used heart rate monitor from a co-worker. I'm excited because I've wanted one to see if I'm working hard enough while working out. I didn't want to spend too much, in case it just wasn't my thing, so I got a nice Timex one that would have cost me $70-$80 for $30. And who knows? Maybe this will be my Valentine's Day present. How romantic!!

I am almost positive I'm going to do the last of the grocery shopping for the week at Save A Lot and if I go at lunch time, I will also hit the post office and send out a free calendar with bikes on it to my parents (who are both big road bicycle riders). It was on the free bookcase here at work, so I snagged it.

So much for NSD

February 6th, 2013 at 01:51 pm

I had to buy string cheese for lunches today, so it wasn't a no spend day. I bought enough to get us through this week and next. Bf likes the string cheese with the beef jerkey in it, so I try to get him that when I can. Spent $7.

In response to weight loss/exercise goals--I do have some. Actually, I could post my yearly goals, which involve both money and exercise.

2013 Goals
1. Save $5000
2. Run a 10K race
3. Ride a T-shirt bike ride (at least 35 miles)
4. Try one new recipe per week
5. 12 No Spend Days per month
6. 20 Workout days per month (workout days are days where I spend at least 30 minutes on the bike, the treadmill, or something else where I have to break a sweat).
7. New Running shoes in July
8. Take a 6 week summer class towards my 2nd Bachelor's degree
9. New walking shoes in January
10. Read 50 books
11. Increase chartiable contribution to $1000

So how am I doing on my resolutions? This is the key part--the reckoning.

1. Save $5000. Yes, on track for this one. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I will be able to keep this one because there has been some unexpected financial "issues" crop up. Dang those issues.
2.Run 10K. I start the official training in Feb. I have been running about 2 miles indoors consistently.
3.Bicycle ride. I have been going to spin class and also riding my bike on the trainer. Haven't decided which ride I want to ride.
4.One new recipe per week. Yes! Honey chicken with cashews (ww), Shrimp in coconut curry sauce (ww), Beef and Broccoli Bowl (cl), Ginger lime chicken (ww), banana muffins w/lemon frosting (ww). That last one was the best. That lemon frosting was the bomb!
5.12 No Spend Days per month. I actually had 16.
6.20 Workout Days per month. I had 22.
7.New Running shoes in July.
8.6 week summer class
9.New walking shoes--done!
10.Read 50 books. I have read 4 so far.
11.Charitable contribution up to $1000. So far I have not donated any more than I did last year.

Trying for a NSD

February 5th, 2013 at 12:28 pm

I am hoping for a NSD today. My goal is to have 12 such days every month. It shouldn't be too hard. I am at work for a few more hours then I hope to go the gym and work out. I won't be too tempted to go to the store to spend money when I'm sweaty! Plus, it is snowing so I just want to get home safe as soon as possible!

Once I'm home, I just need to stay off the computer and I should be golden for another NSD. I'm actually hoping to have another one tomorrow, but Thursday I plan on doing the weekly (and monthly) big shopping, so the money will be flying out then!

Yesterday I did a small bit of grocery shopping, just enough to get us through to Thursday. Mostly I needed some kind of crunchie-munchies for lunch. After all, in the midst of carrots and yogurt, you should have something yummy to look forward to!


February 3rd, 2013 at 10:20 am

I keep being reminded that tracking is key--to money and to weight loss. I understand that, but I still sometimes wonder about it. It gets kinda old doing the tracking. I'm an online weight watchers member, so we're supposed to track every single bite of food.

I understand that it makes you accountable and you can see what you've eaten. You evaluate what you're eating to see if it is worth the points.

It is the same with money. Writing it down might make you say "hmmm, that latte wasn't worth it this time."

However, the dark side is that if you go off the rails, you stop tracking altogether. Have a major shopping spree and you just don't feel like tracking all you've spent. Have a big night out for dinner and you don't log it. The other part is that maybe you do track, but then get discouraged because you've just blown your budget.

I posted my monthly budget numbers and showed that I went over on almost every single category. Sounds bad. I felt bad for a little while, until I realized that I live mostly on cash. So I don't have a big credit card bill to look forward to. That's the good news.

So how important is it to track, really? If I'm spending cash and only the cash that I have budgeted to take out, is it as important to track? I like reading others' tracking, so I do want to keep up, but I need to adjust my attitude. I don't want to look at this as a pass/fail situation. More of a learning situation, where I can keep an eye on my numbers and tweak them to reflect my real life.

Back again with January

February 1st, 2013 at 07:51 am

I love reading when others post about what they spent for the month, so I want to join in! It's an odd month to join in because even thought I went over on almost all of my categories--it was basically a 3 paycheck month, so my categories are based on a 2 paycheck.

At least that's what I'm telling myself. We'll see how we do next month.

First number is the budget, second is the actual
Savings: $340 $400
Rent: $550 $550
Cell Phone: $68 $66.81
Donation: $50 $100
Student Loan: $126.04 $126.04

Gas: $100 $100
Household: $120 $176
Includes cat food, kitchen stuff, and several puzzles
Grocery: $300 $395
Tried several new recipes and needed ingredients
Entertainment/Restaurant: $100 $136
Included a buy $75 get $100 on campus food
Car Maintenance: $50 $173
Renewal of licence plates, bought new plates and transferred title for pop up camper that was given to me
Clothes: $100 $141
Bought the yearly "work walking shoes"
Personal care: $75 $139
Hair cut and color and big order from Bath and Body Works
Gifts: $50 $10

Extra income: $182.53
This includes survey money, swagbucks, found money, credit card rewards, returned items, and the deposit on cans