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Trying for a NSD

February 5th, 2013 at 12:28 pm

I am hoping for a NSD today. My goal is to have 12 such days every month. It shouldn't be too hard. I am at work for a few more hours then I hope to go the gym and work out. I won't be too tempted to go to the store to spend money when I'm sweaty! Plus, it is snowing so I just want to get home safe as soon as possible!

Once I'm home, I just need to stay off the computer and I should be golden for another NSD. I'm actually hoping to have another one tomorrow, but Thursday I plan on doing the weekly (and monthly) big shopping, so the money will be flying out then!

Yesterday I did a small bit of grocery shopping, just enough to get us through to Thursday. Mostly I needed some kind of crunchie-munchies for lunch. After all, in the midst of carrots and yogurt, you should have something yummy to look forward to!

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