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Spend, spend, spend

February 7th, 2013 at 08:03 am

Since a big storm is coming today, I decided to do the big Sams/WalMart run last night after spin class. I knew it would make for a long day--but I sure wasn't tempted to go too far off my list because I wanted to get home!

I spent $200 at Sams, but my boyfriend will pay me back $190 because of our financial agreement (he buys most of Sams; I buy the regular groceries).

My spending ended up like this:
Food: $40--$10 at Sams, $30 at WalMart
Household: $15 (cat food, sharpies)
Clothes: $6 (nylons)
Personal: $4 (lotion)
McDs: $7 (dinner out and "reward" for getting shopping done)

I also went to Bath and Body Works because they sent me a coupon for a free travel sized item. I went in, got my free item, and walked out. I just did an order from them, so I didn't need anything. But I was tempted. It sometimes feel cheap to walk in, get my freebie, and walk out. But I do it anyway!!

I spent $30 yesterday on a used heart rate monitor from a co-worker. I'm excited because I've wanted one to see if I'm working hard enough while working out. I didn't want to spend too much, in case it just wasn't my thing, so I got a nice Timex one that would have cost me $70-$80 for $30. And who knows? Maybe this will be my Valentine's Day present. How romantic!!

I am almost positive I'm going to do the last of the grocery shopping for the week at Save A Lot and if I go at lunch time, I will also hit the post office and send out a free calendar with bikes on it to my parents (who are both big road bicycle riders). It was on the free bookcase here at work, so I snagged it.

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