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February 8th, 2013 at 06:57 am

I think I have a problem. Hello, my name is Angel and I'm a food stocker-upper. Oh, and a personal care stocker-upper too.

It is only 8 days into the month and I have spent more than 1/2 of my grocery budget for the month already. I somehow think I can always justify spending money on food because "it is a good deal" or "but I need it for this one recipe" or "ooo, look at this new thingamajig that I can try and it will keep me on track with weight watchers". In addition, food is something you need, it isn't a pair of shoes that you can put off 'til next month.

Yeah. My freezer is stuffed full and my cupboard is stocked up too. I need to do some serious pantry-shopping instead of grocery shopping. I went to Save A Lot to do the rest of the grocery shopping and spent $31. Not bad. Many of my trips are not bad. I don't spend a lot at once, but I go multiple times. Then, as I was checking out, the cashier handed me a coupon for $2 off a $20 order the next time I come in--as long as I come in within a week. Oh! The pressure of using up that coupon! It's like a free bag of flour! How can I resist?

The sad thing is that I still have stuff on my list that Save A Lot didn't have (like poultry seasoning). Most of the things on my list are not really needed for the menu I created for the week, I just happened to run out of them and put them on the list. I have to prioritize and stop buying stuff unnecessarily. At least, that is, if I want this budget thing to work!

8 Responses to “Food--urg”

  1. laura Says:

    It's called "detox", my friend. "Detox". I share a similar mindset of feeling like if I don't take advantage of this sale, there will never ever be another one. I've had to do away with the Sunday paper sale ads (my mother saved her coupon inserts for me for future shopping). I was able to get everything in check by shopping at Aldi's and having a basic plan not around the sales. It was healthier in the long run, and I've made great strides in the spending arena. Also, I had to curtail my trips to Sam's Club where I can spend MAJOR money.

  2. Nika Says:

    Shopping this way is not good for your health or your weight -- you end up eating mostly processed food - besides whole grains, that is the only thing that can lay on a shelf for months or years.

    Try shifting your focus to fresh foods only. Sure, it is more expensive, but there is a hidden cost to eating unhealthy.

  3. Carolina Girl Says:

    I am finding for me that if I forgo reading the sale papers, I don't feel that "pressure" of missing such a great deal. Try to make a challenge out of it and then factor in a small reward for yourself when you achieve a goal (not necessarily a monetary reward) but something to treat yourself for making wise choices. Good luck.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I make my challenge to buy only a certain number of items, or to spend only a certain amount. You may not get the best "deals" but you get what you need, and it really does curtail the spending.

  5. rachel021406 Says:

    I tend to be the same way, but I have been working very hard to change my ways. I use a "fiscal fast" to eat out of the fridge, freezer, and pantry. You can come up with some creative things. Smile The more I do this....the less I want to stock up on unnecessary things. I am a big believer in having things on hand like canned beans, pasta, tomatoes, rice... just in case.

  6. ThriftoRama Says:

    A lot of otherwise frugal people tend to splurge on groceries. My MIL does, because it's the only spending category she can rationalize splurging or spending extra on, because, as you said, we all have to eat to live. But as you've seen that can lead to huge overspending!

    I've had to balance grocery overspending and stocking up. For a while, I was 'getting the deals' but was still spending a lot. I switched to shopping at aldi, and that has helped immensely. You have to pay with cash or debit, and the store is small. It's actually easier and faster to shop there because I don't waste time wandering back through aisle looking for things. I serve more fresh fruits and vegetables, and more homemade foods because the produce and baking/ingredient prices are generally better. They also have a line of organic items that is decent. I don't usually buy meat there, fresh or frozen, because I'm not impressed with the quality. (Occasionally they have natural or cage free chicken, though).

  7. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    What you need do is to learn shopping from home.

    Look at your stockpile and make your Menu for the next few months from what in there,then only buy things that are missing. Plus fresh fruit & vegetables plus dairy.

  8. LuckyRobin Says:

    I don't look at those $2 off a purchase of $20 worth of items as a $2 off coupon. I look at it as an invitation to spendd $18 or more. When you look at it like that, it's not such a deal.

    I know not everyone can do this, but since I started buying my meat from a farm and my produce in season and from the food co-op, I don't worry about sales. I keep to my budget and stay out of the stores as much as possible.

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