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February 15th, 2013 at 05:43 am

Since I am hoping to not go to the grocery store for a week, I thought I would post my menu to try to keep me accountable. I will go today for the last few things I need to make it through the week like bread and milk and then I won't go again until next Friday.

Friday--breakfast: work breakfast (homemade instant oatmeal packets with freeze dried fruit that live in my desk drawers); work: work lunch (yogurt, cheese stick, boiled egg, baked chips, apple, clementine, carrots); dinner: leftover chicken thigh, homemade bread, frozen veggie

Saturday--breakfast: bagel thin with laughing cow cheese, clementine; lunch: eggs rolls, salad; dinner: salmon, rice, frozen veggies

Sunday--breakfast: waffles, clementine; lunch: apple sausage, salad; dinner: chicken tikka masala from weight watchers **new recipe for the week**, frozen veggie

Monday--breakfast: shake breakfast; lunch: leftover chicken tikka masala, various fruits and veggies; dinner: frozen meal, frozen veggies (maybe asparagus)

Tuesday: breakfast: work breakfast; lunch: work lunch; dinner: chicken tikka masala, frozen veggie

Wednesday: breakfast: work breakfast; lunch: last of the chicken tikka masala, various fruits and veggies; dinner: eggs rolls, salad

Thursday: breakfast: work breakfast (starting to see a pattern?); lunch: work lunch; dinner: frozen meal, frozen veggies

Friday: breakfast: work breakfast; lunch: work lunch; dinner: Papa Johns Pizza!!! (I guess the coin flip right on their website, so I get a free pizza!)

Saturday: breakfast: bagel thins with cream cheese, fruit; lunch: eggs rolls, salad; dinner: teriyaki salmon, rice, frozen veggie

Sunday: breakfast: waffles, fruit; lunch: egg rolls, salad; dinner: indian spiced chickpeas, rice, frozen veggie **make coffee cake recipe as my new recipe for the week**

Yesterday I finished off the last of the Chinese Pineapple chicken from the new recipe I made on Sunday. I was so glad to see that leftover go. I don't think I will be making it again. Bleech.

Also yesterday, I spent $6 at the gas station for those cheese sticks my boyfriend likes in his lunch and $25 at the big grocery store. Today I will spend money at the post office mailing off something to my Mom, the last of the grocery shopping for a week (gotta have fresh bread!), and probably $5 for playing stick and puck for our date night at the ice rink.

1 Responses to “Menu”

  1. NDChic Says:

    Sounds like a yummy menu. I know I should menu plan but I never do.

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