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Did it!

May 24th, 2013 at 01:27 pm

I managed to have a NSD yesterday! It was much easier once I got home, but until then, it was touch and go.

Today, however, I have spent a little money. I bought a pair of jeans, some velcro, raised bed boxes for a garden, and took myself out to eat for lunch.

Jeans: $32. I own two pair of "good" (aka not paint stained, holey jeans). On Sunday I was crawling on the counter in the bathroom and when I got down, I snagged my jeans on the hook for the hand towel and ripped a hole in the butt.

Velcro: $4. Our new curtains for the living room don't quite stay shut as I would like when we go to close them for privacy.

Raised bed boxes: $56. This is one I kinda had a fit and just bought them. I bought two boxes to start my garden. I could've, should've waited or not even bought them at all. I want to plant some tomatoes and I'm running out of time if I want to have some this year. In the long run, this will be frugal, but I AM still paying off the attorney. Wait. No excuses. I did it and I'm not taking them back. Wink

Out to lunch: $1. I had a Panera gift card, so my out of pocket only ended up being $1 for a salad and an iced chai latte. Yum.

I will probably spend a bit more money on my way home, but I'm looking to a pretty frugal weekend. No plans that I know of, but my boyfriend did buy some good steaks to burn on the grill. That's what I get to look forward to!

1 Responses to “Did it!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Even your spending doesn't seem unreasonable. I like the idea for the Velcro.

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