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Beautiful Weekend

May 26th, 2013 at 02:21 pm

It is perfect weather this weekend. I have a long weekend and I'm really enjoying it.

On Friday, I spent $14 on groceries for the weekend after work and then spent $41 on underthings online. There has been no spending since then.

Saturday we went to the dirt bike track. When we go, we pack food and drinks. We just hung out with people and enjoyed the day. Came home, watched some professional dirt bike riders on the TV, then hockey, then went to bed.

This morning we both woke up really early. Too early. I did some house cleaning, then went outside and helped pull the biggest weeds from the yard. We're trying to reseed our yard so we have grass, not a bunch of weeds. A few weeks ago, boyfriend used the tiller and tilled up the whole yard. Then we put down grass seed and starter fertilizer. We do have quite a bit of grass growing, but some of the weeds have arrived too.

After some lunch and showering, we watched the Indy 500 and took a nap somewhere between lap 50 and 20 laps to the end. Boyfriend cooked up some steaks on the grill for dinner and I made up some mac & cheese. Yum. Now to just relax a little longer. I still have a bit of cleaning to do, and I really should study, but for now.....

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