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May numbers

June 3rd, 2013 at 07:06 am

I managed to make the last day of May a NSD. Yay! Then I spent a lot of money on Saturday. More on that in a minute.

May numbers
Cell Phone---$67---$66.60
Student Loan---$366.04---$366.04

Gas (car)---$100---$100
Car Maintenance---$0---$0
Personal Care---$100---$24.95

Extra money in: $381.04 (sold a textbook, did good on surveys 'n stuff, money from the ex for the student loan)

All extra money not spent in a certain category this month went towards the Visa bill.

Saturday was a spendy day: Groceries $41, Personal care $77 (hair cut & color, plus eyeball stuff, face wash, girl stuff), out to eat $17, household $43 (mostly cat food & litter). Whew! What a way to start June with a bang!

Yesterday was a NSD. The in-laws came over to borrow the power washer. The summer session of hockey started up. I studied for my test today. I still don't feel ready. But I doubt I ever will. Not sure about my decision to take a 6 week summer course!!!

1 Responses to “May numbers”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Although you spent more in some categories than what you anticipated, you spent less in others.

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