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Staring at the numbers

July 3rd, 2014 at 06:35 am

As if staring at the numbers is going to magically come up with a different plan of attack. I have probably pulled up my budget spreadsheet 15 times in the last two days.

Numbers as of 7/3/14:
Title, amount budgeted, amount spent, amount left

Rent: $600, $600, $0
Cell Phone: $67, $66.60, $0.40
Donation: $25, $25, $0
Student Loan: $366.04, %366.04, $0

Not fixed:
Savings/Debt: $410, $410, $0
Gas: $100, $0, $100
Household: $10, $0, $10
Grocery: $300, $80, $220
Entertainment: $125, $50, $75
Car Maintenance: $0, $0, $0
Clothes: $10, $2, $8
Personal Care: $20, $0, $20
Gifts: $50, $45, $5

Extra income: $5.25

I've already pulled out bowling for the 5 weeks in July in my entertainment budget. Told you about grocery shopping already and the clothes. Today I sent $25 to a wedding couple and $20 for my step-dad's birthday present, taking my gifts budget down to $5. I have no other birthday or other events for the month.

I had a no spend day yesterday. Went to work, went for a run with boyfriend after work, stayed home and ate dinner. Tonight is bowling and I will be doing the last of the grocery shopping for all next week. I have a list. I have a plan for menus.

Then, I hope to have a complete No Spend Long Weekend!!! Have a wonderful one, everyone!

1 Responses to “Staring at the numbers”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with a No Spend weekend!

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